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Engine coolant inlet

Engine coolant inlet

Coolant inlets must be molded from materials with excellent hydrolysis resistance, temperature resistance, 强度, stiffness and dimensional stability. The testing and evaluation of coolant inlets is very demanding, since part failure can lead to vehicle immobility and engine damage.

The coolant inlet must also provide a consistent seal that maintains its integrity through years of service.

The Ascend automotive team worked with a major North American OEM to ensure a flawless performance of this critical under-the-hood powertrain component. Using Vydyne R533H ensured that this piece created a perfect seal with the engine that would maintain integrity throughout years of service.

Vydyne R533H is backed by years of use in vehicles from companies such as General Motors,® Ford® and Chrysler,® and meets all material and end-use requirements. Vydyne resins are used for many other thermal-system applications as well.