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Compounding Feedstock

Feedstock grades are formulated individually to obtain the optimal balance between the desired mixing level and integration of additives to PA66 backbone without sacrificing the flow characteristics and mechanical properties needed for the final application.

Lower-viscosity resins (21LS and 21ZLV) enable mixing shearsensitive materials and high-percent filler concentration where distributive mixing is essential to the final product performance.

The compounded product will maintain its high flow and performance needed for the application.

Medium- and high-viscosity grades (21MST, 21Z-NT01A2, 21Z, 50BW, 21FS-R and 52BW-MS) provide dispersive mixing without causing degradation of PA66. The new 21Z-NT01A2 grade is unique in its class with its high concentration of amine end groups, which is proven to be an advantage for moisture sensitive formulations. Also, the new 21MST grade provides excellent melt viscosity stability against moisture throughout the extrusion process.

Ascend's portfolio of PA66/6 compounding feedstock resins

Ascend produces medium-viscosity PA66/6 random copolymers (88X, 85XFS and 86XFS) for compounds containing heat-sensitive additives and end-use applications that require good surface finish. These copolymer resins have melt temperatures varying from 235° to 255° C based on the comonomer concentration.

These copolymers are specifically designed to be used with FR packages and high mineral loadings.

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